• Our annual lawn treatment programmes consist of four season-specific treatments, adapted to the climate and conditions at the time of application and designed exclusively for your garden. You can start at any time of year and treatments start from as little as £20.

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  • We provide a range of repair & renovation services for lawns that need a little extra help. Processes such as Scarification & Aeration can rejuvenate a lawn and keep it healthy.

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  • Lawn diseases such as Fusarium, Red Thread & Fairy Rings can be controlled using our professional fungicides.

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  • Leatherjackets, worm casts and chafer grubs (among others) can devastate the look and health of a lawn without proper attention and treatment.

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  • A Professional Service

    We are City & Guilds qualified to professionally apply pesticides and are members of the Institute Of Groundsmanship and the UK Lawncare Network

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  • Individual Lawn Treatment Services

  • Hard Surface Weed & Moss Control

    As well as ridding your lawn of weeds & moss, we can also remove them from your path, patio and driveway

  • Professional products which produce great results.

  • An extremely beneficial process for your lawn. Hundreds of holes made in surface by machine to enable water, nutrients & air to reach rootzone. Also helps drainage & reduces compaction.

  • A mechanical process that removes thatch and moss.

  • New seed sown to thicken and invigorate lawn. Often needed after aeration and/or scarification. 

  • The application of a sand rich material to the soil surface. It is usually applied following aeration of the lawn to improve both the drainage and the structure of your lawns top soil. Highly recommended when overseeding.

  • Effective control using professional products. If needed, can be combined with scarification.

  • Control of Leatherjackets, chafer grubs, ants & worms

  • Control diseases such as Fusarium, Red Thread & Dollar Spot.

  • Included in our treatment programmes. Can help treatment effectiveness & retain water in rootzone.

  • Growth regulator which will slow down the vertical growth of your grass to form a thicker sward..